Snape enjoys doing things when he is not grading your potions essays.

hpfangirlforever22-deactivated2 said: I don't think you should gave away the snape cut out. I know about that your busy and all but just don't you can continue when you are free

Honestly, I don’t think I would have picked it back up. I sort of lost interest in this blog in the two years I haven’t been active. I’m a different person than I was when I was 21/22. My priorities are different, I live somewhere else, and I probably would have never found the time to go out with it again. It just doesn’t interest me anymore.

The girl I gave him to plans on helping Snape do more things. Whether she picks up this blog or continues on her own blog is up to her, but I have passed the torch and it’s time for me to move on.

So, I’ve been feeling like it’s a total waste for Snape to just be chilling in my closet and I was wondering if anyone in the Southern New Hampshire/Northern Massachusetts area wanted him. I know that’s sort of weird to ask, but I mean, if you’re interested, let me know. He’ll be free.

He has found a new home.

Anonymous said: Would you happen to be the gorgeous redhead in the picture where Snape is in, a bathroom stall, if I remember correctly.

No, that’s one of my best friends. I’m the gross brunette in the gif where Snape is behind me…

People are taking my photos and spreading them again without sources. I guess this is what I get for being inactive, huh? Sorry guys. I know it’s been over a year since I’ve posted, but I’m still hoping to come back one day. You’re all lovely.

If you want to talk more about why I’m on hiatus, my brother, or whatever, please keep anon off! I want to limit what I post on here. No one likes an ask spam.

To the other anons in my ask, please come back as yourself! I’d be willing to talk to you that way.

Anonymous said: Your little brother is lucky to have you! And your blog is still hilarious, so I don't know why people wouldn't understand that.

Thank you! He means the world to me and I would do anything for him.

I also don’t know why no one would understand, but there are people out in the world that are cruel and close-minded. I’ve had to explain to people why my brother does “strange” things when out in public. Most of the time, people understand, but sometimes people roll their eyes and say we just need to “control” him better.

People really suck.

Anonymous said: Please do more Snape stuff?? :3

Uhm. As of right now I can’t.¬†I wasn’t going to explain this¬†publicly, but I would like people to stop asking.

I’m on hiatus right now because I, after graduating college, moved back home. I have a five year old brother with Autism that is scared of my cardboard cutout. If Snape goes anywhere near him, he’ll freak out. When he is scared of something, he avoids it and everything that he associated with it, which would be me, my room, or the entire upstairs of my home. He’s very sensitive.

So, in order to keep my brother is a place where he feels safe, Snape is folded up and hidden in my closet and he won’t be coming back out until I move into a place of my own.

I hope you all understand and if you don’t, fuck you. My brother comes first.

deliciouspunch said: The death of a majestic creature.

forgettingsamanthariel said: always.

martinncrieff-deactivated201209 said: well this is just plain fucking sad. thank you so much for all the laughs though

I am very sorry, but due to personal reasons Snape just can’t get out anymore. Maybe one day he will step back out into the world.

Thank you so much for enjoying everything!

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